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Where is Ladiesbug from? 🤔

Ladiesbug is the result of two French girls, who moved to the UK two years ago. London is an incredible city, full of opportunities. This is why Ladiesbug was born here. However, they still have a special attachment to their country: France, and have therefore decided to offer their services to French and English companies.

Reasons to choose a bilingual company for your digital marketing? 📈

It is above all a real asset for the development of your activity. Indeed, if your company is developing or plans to develop internationally, choosing us represents a unique opportunity for you!

Likewise, if you are an English company wishing to develop in France or an English company developing internationally, we are able to put in place the best marketing strategy for you. Understanding the local culture and habits is essential to carry out your communication, and we are quite capable of adapting to these two different cultures to carry out your communication!

Additionally, having qualified bilingual staff tells your potential customers that your business is expanding into new markets and seeking to meet and satisfy their demands.

Finally, undertaking your communication in both languages ​​will totally allow you to have a competitive advantage and thus increase your credibility to reach new clients!

To sum up 😉

Get the best service from Ladiesbug as English as French ! Trust us !

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