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Very famous with young people, reels now take a full place on Instagram, as much as the stories.

But what is reels? 🤔

The concept is to create multi-clip videos of 15 to 30 seconds with sound and different effects. All types of content can be offered, whether artistic, humorous, informative.

The use of reels Instagram can be for your company or brand a real lever of visibility!

Reasons to use reels for your business? 📈

First of all, reels are a great lever to talk about your business. Indeed, thanks to their functionalities, their interactivity, as well as their visibility, they will allow you to express yourself about your company, regardless of the way, and this, in a more intimate way with your subscribers!

Then, Instagram has a habit of promoting this type of content. With the emergence of TikTok, video content is increasingly gaining its place on social networks and is all the more appreciated by Internet users. It is therefore for these reasons that Instagram, and more particularly the algorithm, will boost the reels which will allow you to obtain fairly high visibility scores. Moreover, add to that some hashtags and trending music and your visibility will increase more!

Also, this feature is ideal for allowing you to reach a younger audience and boost the image of your business. Indeed, broadcasting videos of you and your team immediately gives you a fun and trendy brand image!

Content ideas for your real ones by LADIESBUG 📲

  • Introduce your team

  • Present your products

  • Your offers

  • Give some tips

To sum up 😉

Remember, if people like your content, they will visit your account and if they like what you do, they can go further by visiting your website!

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