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Updated: May 31, 2022

What is paid media ? 🤔

Paid media is the visibility that a company will buy on internet. Indeed, these are paid communication actions. According to the type of advertisement, the allocated budget will change. The company is free to set up its budget to invest in terms of the goals to be achieved and the distribution channels. These communication actions can take several forms. Regarding digital marketing, paid media include pay-per-click ads, paid advertising on social networks or search engine marketing.

Why should you invest in PAID MEDIA for your business ? 📈

First of all, you are the decision maker. Indeed, you have total control over the content you want to broadcast and especially over the message to be transmitted and thus allows you to increase your chances of reaching your target.

Then, the PAID MEDIA allows massive and rapid visibility. It allows you to generate traffic and sales very quickly on your website.

Since it is based on a budget, it's very easy for you to modulate according to the periods, the needs but above all the goals.

In addition, this method allows measurable results. It is very easy for you to see how the advertisement react and if their return on investment is enough. It is therefore just as easy to focus on the ones that generate the most traffic.

Finally, PAID MEDIA improves brand recognition. The fact that a customer sees this brand present in his daily life in the form of advertising pushes its recognition and he will subsequently be potentially more likely to consume your products rather than those of a competitor.

Different types of advertisements 📲

👉🏻 Product Listing Ads (PLA)

👉🏻 Megabanner

👉🏻 Skycraper

👉🏻 The pavement

To sum up 😉

A good PAID MEDIA allows you to increase your visibility, extend the reach of your brand but also generate quality traffic.

Trust Ladiesbug for your PAID MEDIA to have this competitive advantage 🤩

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