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Updated: May 31, 2022

What is SEO? 🤔

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation - include all the methods creating optimised content to position a website, a web page or an application in the first natural results of search engines. SEO copywriting is the process of using keyword research and SEO strategies to create web content for users.

Why should you invest in SEO for your business? 📈

First of all, it attracts qualified traffic based on the keywords your content is targeting.

On the other hand, a good SEO referencing is essential to appear first in search engine results, thus increasing your visibility.

Also, SEO helps convince readers to take action, for example to make a purchase on your site rather than another.

Finally, SEO is a totally free practice, and it allows much more traffic than PAID MEDIA.

The SEO loop ✅

Powerful SEO ➡️ Visibility ➡️ Traffic ➡️ Conversion ➡️ Excellent turnover

Different types of content proposed by LADIESBUG 📲

👉🏻 Blog posts

👉🏻 Website content

👉🏻 Ebooks

👉🏻 Announcement texts

To sum up 😉

A well-referenced website inspires trust and sends positive signals.

Trust Ladiesbug for your SEO to have this competitive advantage 🤩

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