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Two for one!

No, Ladiesbug is not a digital marketing agency. It's the result of an association of two young freelance women with similar backgrounds but with different skills.

After a year spent in London, we decided to found Ladiesbug with the aim of merging our skills and offering a wider choice of services to our future customers.

Laura, 23 years old, specialized in graphic design and community management.

Justine, 22 years old, specialized in digital marketing and SEO.

We work together on the same project for the price of one? Rather interesting as an offer, no?

Freelancing in pairs is a concept that many find difficult to understand, yet it is a considerable advantage for their company. We are able to respond to a project that includes social media management, content creation, SEO, marketing strategy, editorial, graphic and video creation, paid media and much more.

We train and learn a little more every day about each other's skills, which allows us to make our offer more solid and effective.

Don't wait any longer and join the concept!

Ladiesbug Team

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